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DJI Mavic Air - Fly More Combo w/ Polar Pro ND sets - $800

I’m selling a DJI Mavic Air in onyx/black with a Fly More Combo and 2 Polar Pro ND Filter Sets! I bought this NEW when it came out and used it lightly for about a year before upgrading to the Mavic 2 Pro. Never crashed, never did any crazy flying, just simple drone shots for work or traveling.

I loved the size, picture, and build quality of this drone! It is sturdy and a great, compact tool. Includes 3 batteries, the Vivid and Limited Collection Polar Pro ND’s (Cinema Series – higher end ones), and all the other accessories you see in the photos!

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SmallHD Focus 5" w/ Box, Sunhood, extra Glass Screen Protector - $240
I’m selling a trusty SmallHD Focus 5″ Monitor, with the original box, a sunhood, and an extra glass screen protector! The monitor currently has a non-reflective screen protector on it. This thing changed my life, work-wise. Being able to see a bigger picture than the on-camera screen, but with more clarity, brightness, and most importantly all the visual tools, made filming such a joy. The battery life is fantastic too. I film alot of weddings and only use 2 batteries max per wedding day. Comes with the SmallHD micro-hdmi to hdmi cable (used with GH5)!
The plastic has a blemish on the top (pictured), but has no bearing on the functionality.

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2 Dracast LED1000 (Daylight) Lights - $250

Selling these two Dracast LED1000 Lights! They are daylight balanced. Come with bags and power. I bought them 3-4 years ago from a buddy and used them sparingly for 2-3 years. I film mostly weddings and would only use them for my occasional business project. They’ve been sitting in the closet most of the time. They worked great for me and I was happy with the output!

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Langly Multi-Camera Bag - Globetrotter - $180

I’m selling this beast of a camera backpack, the Langly Multi-Camera Bag! This thing holds SO MUCH gear. I bought it new in 2017 and used it 10 times max for a few work trips. I’m selling it as I’m not traveling as much for work this year. The bag has pockets everywhere and can hold so much gear. One random feature I really love is the waxed material making it water-resistant. I had a day that it sprinkled and I felt no stress knowing the camera would be safe. Please reach out with any questions!

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Holdland Backpack - Graphite - $180

Selling a used Holdland Camera Backpack in Graphite! It’s by far the most comfortable and convenient of the camera backpacks I’ve owned! This quickly became my favorite travel backpack. It just made everything so simple and safe. I bought it new in Q1 last year and used it for travel through November. I’m selling as I’m not traveling as much anymore with work!

The mesh backing fits to your back. The straps offer comfortable and strong support. I especially love the thick waist “belt”, which also unzips into holders for your lenses.

The bag unzips from the top and back only, which offers solid security for traveling. It comes with camera inserts included! One of the random features I grew to absolutely love is the passport/wallet pocket on the back side of the bag. Going through airport security, etc became extremely simple to just reach back behind me to grab what I needed.

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Glidecam HD 2000 - Great Condition! - $200

I’m selling a pretty lightly used Glidecam HD 2000. I bought this new back in 2013 or 2014 and used it for a year or two. It’s been sitting in the closet since just in case I needed it or if my gimbal wasn’t working. It’s time to sell it though! Has no issues, still have all the extra weights.

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24" Cinevate Slider - $60

I’m selling a used Cinevate slider I’ve had sitting in the closet for a few years. I got it from a buddy 4-5 years ago and never really used it. I don’t know the model or year, but if you’re looking for an inexpensive starter slider, this is it! Includes manfrotto tripod head.

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